Friday, 18 November 2016

Week 10: It's Bigger than We've Ever Imagined

As the Internet becomes more widely available and is my bestfriend, the cost of connecting is steadily decreasing with more and more electronic devices having wi-fi and sensor capabilities being built into them.  Factor in how technology and manufacturing costs are going down, the market for smart devices is sky-rocketing. As such, this creates the perfect environment for inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers and even you and me to contribute to IoT (a.k.a Internet of Things).

Although this concept, coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999, is not new, IoT is becoming ever prevalent and even more relevant in this digital age. We've seen google glasses to smart refrigerators being introduced to the market, we're entering a world where our future is far from what we can imagine because the "next big thing" is always around the corner.

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But what is IoT? 

Quite simply, IoT is a concept where it revolves around the communications between any devices that are connected to the Internet and to each other. It is built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors that creates this convenient, transportable, transferrable and instantaneous connection for people to people, people to things or to things to things.

As I was learning more about IoT, I came across this TedTalk with this humourous speaker that gives an incredible overview (but not overly simplified) version of our lecture we had in class. For a better understanding, check it out!

As the new rule for the future becomes: “anything that can be connected, will be connected, ” How does it/has it impact folks like us?

1.  Got green fingers?

Now who said technology can't contribute to our environment? Well known for the current range of drones, Parrot, created this ultra fabulous sensor called Flower Power. As a wireless device planted next to one's flowers, the sensor analyses sunlight, air temperature, fertilizer level, and soil moisture. This data is then collected and transmitted via Bluetooth to one's smartphone where one is then alerted on what the plants need. Cute name for a technology, but be warned it comes with a price tag of a whopping U.S. $89 -- which is pretty generous considering the amount of things you can plant, save the environment don't you think? (Yay consumerism!)

2. Keep losing your sh*t? 

If you're like me, I've mentioned here how I'm always misplacing my harddrives, phones, and basically anything I have in sight (or out of sight hahahaha k lame joke but definitely a set up for this pun), GearEyes is ONE. OF. THE. GREATEST. INVENTIONS. I'VE. EVER. SEEN. Because just look at this beauty, not only does it help and organise one's stuff, it helps track it too so users (a.k.a me, a.k.a potential buyer) can be sure that I will always have what I need when I need it. By using RFID stickers that is then placed onto a device/thing of one's choosing as well as an app, the app tracks where the item is located and alerts the owner when it is left behind/out of range. Now, hold your horses because it is still on kickstarter but it has already achiever almost 210% of its pledged goal. Not even out yet and already in demand.... I know what I want for my next birthday. (Be sure to pledge guys, help people like me get organised)

3. Interested in joining the Church of Iron?

If you're one of those people who like sweating for fun, what better way then to up your gym game with Smart Clothing! Also known as Athos, each piece of clothing has sensors built into them that measures the muscle activity using electromyogrpahy. Information gathered is then relayed to a "hub", which can be conveniently attached to the user's chest/leg and also to the app of one's smartphone. Users can than analyse their performance during their sweat party. How fun! Not sold yet? Now, not only do you get to sweat yourself off, kill those major frustrations in a healthy way, you get to look like a superhero. Now, isn't that a dream?

IoT is impacting almost every aspect of our lives, offering countless opportunities to ease our work, improve our performance, reduce cost as well as connect with others (/bridge the distances for long-distance couples) ((view at own discretion because inappropriate and NSFW to list down here)). As more and more innovations are being introduced to the world, I'm convinced the future is here and it is all thanks to the Internet of Things!


  1. Love this post and how you conveyed IoT in such a fun and relatable manner! Indeed IoT is impacting almost every aspect of our life and we are going to rely on it in time to come, especially GearEyes, yep totally for people like me who can't stay organised hahaha. Definitely checking it out because of you! Thanks for this interesting post! :)

  2. Hi hanis,

    Really liked this post as you managed to make IoT understandable in an easy manner. I found it really insightful that you mentioned Church of Iron especially since I am someone who enjoys Gymming. I am definitely going to check it out. Sounds so cool!

    Soniajit kaur