Friday, 25 November 2016

Week 13: What exactly is FUN?

Now there is no gun pointed to your head, but in my opinion, do yourself a favour and play the video! All in good FUN. 

Looking at my first post, I've realised that it has been an interesting semester learning about the Internet and technology. Being naive and ignorant then (arguably still is?), I was skeptical with this module and was somewhat nervous as to whether it would turn out like CSE 111. Adding further to it being a prerequisite module, I felt like this module was a dread.... 

As days, weeks, months went by and with each new blog entry, I learn something new each day. I also found myself paying more attention to technology news on the latest news for a better scoop that relates with the week's topic in my blog. Like my peers, technology and the Internet has always been a part of my life and as I've blogged earlier, my best friend... So I guess it does not hurt to learn more about it. 

One of my favourite part of this module is allowing my inner adrenaline-rushed blogger to spill out. It was such a journey :) On top of that, I was able to better grasp on the topics went through in class. Personally, I believe that it is a good assignment/homework as students are then not bounded to a certain topic, venture out and learn more on their own! On occasions that I found myself uninspired, I was also able to learn some new things covered by my classmates. One of my favourite post is by my classmate Sherry, here. It was really interesting and I hope you check it out :) 

And the point of the song I've asked you to play earlier? I believe it embodies this very component in the syllabus. The requirement of weekly blog updates.
F is for Friends who do stuff together. 
U is for You and me. 
N is for anywhere And anytime at all.

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